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About Progression

Located in the heart of the Taungurung country, Progression Physiotherapy and Performance is a safe and inclusive space welcoming all wanting to progress their health status — no matter where your starting point is, what your goal, where you want to get to — we can help.


Our space is designed to enable progression. You feel better when you walk through the door, knowing your health is in safe hands. With longer appointment times allowing for extra time with your Physiotherapist, you can expect to feel heard, to set and work towards your goals and leave feeling better. 


We use a combination of exercise and education, often complemented with manual therapies such as massage or dry needling, to empower you with knowledge, assisting in your recovery and the prevention of new or further injury. Our exercises are simple and effective, working with you to complete these at home or on site in our gym. 


Further to our 1:1 offerings, we are committed to offering group classes — both of clinical and fitness origins. Complete your strength training, your Reformer Pilates or your rehab exercises with confidence in our space. 

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